AutoCAD 3D Courses

Autocad 3D courses for beginners. Especially useful for Engineers & Manufacturers. Learn the essentials in one day!

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A word of caution: Autocad 3D is mainly used by engineers & manufacturers, rather than architects or interior designers. Whilst the Autocad 2D drafting workflow is fast and easy, the Autocad 3D workflow is slower than other 3D programs. Many visualizers prefer to do their 3D work in SketchUp, which is basically a free program.

SketchUp is much faster and more user-friendly. Many industries use it (interior design, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, product design) and you can export to a 3D printer from SketchUp.

Autocad for 2D work is great – it’s the industry leader  for plans, & elevations, etc – but 3D is clunky & not worth the extra expense (in our opinion). Autocad LT will do all your 2D drafting work, and is only $550 a year for the subscription, whereas the full version of Autocad is $2000 a year. But you can download the free 30-day trial of the program to play with before you decide to buy.

In our AutoCAD 3D course we give you the skills you need to:

  • Create 3D product design models
  • Create cutaway models of machine parts
  • Add realistic lighting to the model
  • Create either still images or short animations for a client

Our courses are guaranteed to teach you the essentials fast!

Course Outline – what we cover in one day

  • The 3D Workspace
  • Creating Models
  • Boolean Operations
  • Working with 2D profiles
  • Lighting the Model
  • Applying Materials
  • Rendering Still Images
  • Rendering an Animation