Autocad 2D kitchens and bathrooms

Autocad 2D for kitchens and bathrooms

by Design Workshop Sydney

Autocad 2D is often used to create floor-plans and elevations for kitchens and bathrooms. We show you how to quickly and easily create these drawings in our Autocad 2D training courses. A summary of the process is given below. To begin we go the top left Application menu (Mac: File) and choose a metric template. We have covered templates in... Read more...

human head and brain infographic

Photoshop infographics

by Design Workshop Sydney

As well as adjusting photographs, Adobe Photoshop can also be used when creating infographics for presentations or social media. In our Photoshop training courses we demonstrate a quick and easy method using a few of Photoshop’s simple tools. First of all we conduct an image search using the Google search engine: here I typed in human head silhouette, and several... Read more...

Indesign flyer template

by Design Workshop Sydney

The most efficient way of working with Adobe programs is to use templates. This is especially true of Adobe Indesign, whether you’re creating brochures, newsletters or flyers. In our Indesign training courses we show you how to create Indesign flyer templates from the initial setup to print stages. To create a template design like the flyer like the one shown... Read more...

Illustrator Pathfinder creating complex shapes

by Design Workshop Sydney

Adobe Illustrator is by far the best program for creating vector artwork, especially when it comes to creating complex shapes. We use Illustrator‘s set of Pathfinder tools. We show you how to utilize these to their fullest extent in all of our Adobe training courses. To create the complex shapes shown here we first have to create a new document... Read more...

Photo-realistic rendering SketchUp

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating Photo-realistic rendering SketchUp is not native to the program, and has to be done using a plug-in application. There are several plug-ins (or add-ons) available for the purpose, and we discuss a few of them in this blog post. Rendering is also a topic we look at in all SketchUp training courses. The first thing to keep in mind... Read more...

Indesign Master Page Elements

by Design Workshop Sydney

Using Indesign Master Page Elements when designing multi-page documents in Adobe Indesign will greatly speed up the design process, and save you time in the long run. We show you how to utilize the master page function in all our Adobe Indesign training courses. What are Indesign Master Page Elements? Each new document you create in Indesign has an A-Master... Read more...

Illustrator starburst

by Design Workshop Sydney

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard program for the creation of professional-quality visual artwork and illustration. By combining various tools and techniques we can produce quite complex and interesting imagery, like the Starburst Effect shown here. We show you how to create stunning artwork like this in all our Illustrator training courses. First create a new document in Illustrator via the... Read more...

SketchUp banister

by Design Workshop Sydney

Once the stairs have been created in SketchUp, we may wish to add banisters and a handrail. This is an easy process using a component modification and the Follow Me tool. We show you how to utilize these functions in all our SketchUp training courses. First of all we would double-click to enter one of the stair components in order... Read more...

Modifying the Autocad 3D mesh

Autocad 3D modify mesh

by Design Workshop Sydney

Mesh objects are often used in product design or for 3D printing. After creating an organic 3D mesh object in Autocad’s 3D interface we wish to modify and manipulate its shape. This is quite a different process from other more geometrical modifications which we might undertake in Autocad 3D. We demonstrate various options open to themodeler in our Autocad 3D... Read more...