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Autocad 2D drawing tutorial

by Design Workshop Sydney

Sometimes we need to make simple adjustments to drawings sent to us by clients or colleagues. In these cases we simply draw freehand. We cover this topic in several of our drawing tutorials in our Autocad 2D training courses. For example we can use the Line tool, the Circle tool, Polygon and Rectangle tools to draw freehand in order to... Read more...

SketchUp decor

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating decor in SketchUp utilizes the same set of modeling tools as in architectural modeling; in some ways it is even simpler. We create several pieces of decor in our SketchUp training courses. To create the the tulip base for the bar stool shown here first select the Circle tool, or type C. Note first of all the number of... Read more...

Autocad 2d furniture

by Design Workshop Sydney

There are many ways of drawing furniture in Autocad, depending on which tools you use. We show you several methods of drawing and modifying objects in our Autocad 2D training courses. For example, to create the plan view of the serving counter shown here, you could use the Line tool (L) with Ortho (F8) selected, and simply draw the lines... Read more...