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Photoshop High Dynamic Range

by Design Workshop Sydney

High Dynamic Range (or HDR) refers to images which have a greater range of luminosity than is normally recorded via photography. HDR images attempt to simulate what the human eye perceives. We demonstrate how to achieve various professional photography effects in our Adobe Photoshop training courses. First open an image in Photoshop. The image shown here is Antoni Gaudi’s Church... Read more...

Photoshop HDR

by Design Workshop Sydney

Working with images in High Dynamic Range is a simple process in Adobe Photoshop. We demonstrate how in our Photoshop training courses. In HDR image processing you have multiple F-stop bracketed exposures of the same image. Select these in Mini-bridge, then right-click and choose Photoshop, Merge to HDR Pro, and choose OK. It then takes the images into an HDR... Read more...