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Photoshop step and repeat effects

by Design Workshop Sydney

Step and repeat effects can be easily created in Adobe Photoshop. This is one of the many features we look at in our Photoshop training courses. To create an effect similar to the one illustrated here we would first create a new document within Photoshop via the top File menu. This will open a dialog box where we can either... Read more...

SketchUp small house

by Design Workshop Sydney

SketchUp is the most user-friendly software for creating fast 3D mock-ups for architectural and interior design purposes. In this tutorial we look at the workflow for creating a small house or small room. We cover this, and many more techniques, in our SketchUp training courses. We would first choose the Architectural Design-Millimeters template and change the visual style to the... Read more...

SketchUp multiple floors

by Design Workshop Sydney

In a larger SketchUp building design we need to add multiple floors. This is easily done, and we show you how in all our SketchUp training courses. After the ground floor is completed, we would exit all groups and use the Rectangle tool to create a ceiling/floor for the next level – to do this simply click inside the walls... Read more...