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Photoshop flyers

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating flyers in Photoshop is a straight-forward workflow which we demonstrate in our Adobe Photoshop training courses. For example, to put together the flyer shown here we first create a new A5 document. We then copy the image of the flamenco dancer into the blank canvas. The hardest part of the process is to then select the dancer in order... Read more...

Photoshop quick mask part 2

by Design Workshop Sydney

It’s always worth reviewing popular tools from time to time. The Quick Mask tool is one of these. In addition we explore its full potential in our Adobe Photoshop training courses. In the image shown here we want to select the cute kitten in order to paste him into another photo. We first need to use one of Photoshop’s several... Read more...

Photoshop content aware

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Content Aware function of Adobe Photoshop allows you edit images with greater ease than ever before. We demonstrate how in our Photoshop training courses. This handy feature was first introduced in the CS5 version a few years ago, but has been enhanced and added to more contexts with each new release. One example is where you wish to move... Read more...