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SketchUp roof

by Design Workshop Sydney

There are various types of roofs built in the real world, and various methods of creating roofs in SketchUp. We show you a variety of techniques in our SketchUp training courses. For example, to create a skillion type roof as illustrated here, we first go to the Camera drop-down menu and choose the Top view, then the Parallel mode. This... Read more...

SketchUp wall section

by Design Workshop Sydney

Wall sections like clerestorys, are easy to create in SketchUp. We take you through the steps in our SketchUp training courses. A clerestory, literally a “clear storey”, is a high section of wall containing windows above the eye level, the purpose of which is to add extra light and air flow for passive cooling design. This wall section is often... Read more...

SketchUp skillion roof

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating skillion roofs in SketchUp is a simple process, which we explore in our SketchUp training courses. With the Line tool click on one corner of the external walls and draw a vertical line upwards in the Blue axis 1700mm in length. Then connect this new point to the far corner of the walls and back to the first point, thus... Read more...