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Variations in lofted terrain

Autocad 3D terrain variations

by Design Workshop Sydney

In an earlier blog post we showed you how to create Lofted Terrain. In this post we demonstrate some terrain variations on this technique. We cover all these methods in our Autocad 3D training courses. Firstly copy the terrain to one side. Note that if the original splines are too close to each other it can give the appearance of... Read more...

Autocad 3D imprint

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Imprint function in Autocad 3D is a great way to add a new face to an existing object, or for adding a different material to a part of an object. We show you how in our Autocad 3D training courses. The imprint command adds 2d geometry to 3d objects, thus creating extra faces. For example, first create a cube... Read more...