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Autocad 3D animation tutorial

by Design Workshop Sydney

Animating cameras and rendering movies in Autocad 3D is an easy process; we show you how in our Autocad 3D training courses. Please note that in AutoCAD you can’t animate objects or parts in motion. In order to do this you will have to use a program like AutoDesk Viz or 3ds Max (visit the AutoDesk website: www.autodesk.com). You can,... Read more...

Autocad 3D lighting tips

by Design Workshop Sydney

Nine times out of ten you’ll need to adjust your lighting in your Autocad 3D model. We give you some useful tips in our Autocad 3D training courses. When analyzing our lighting the Hotspot is where we see 100% light. The Falloff is the transitional area between light and shadow, also called Attenuation or the Penumbra. Double-click on your main... Read more...