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Addind doors and windows

Creating doors and windows in Revit

by Design Workshop Sydney

Once the walls have been created in your Revit model the next step is to add doors and windows. In this blog post we'll look at how to add Families for various building components like doors, windows, furniture and lighting.

SketchUp floors

by Design Workshop Sydney

Adding floors in SketchUp is straight-forward if the model is organized correctly. We cover all the essential steps in our SketchUp training courses. It’s best to think of each level or floor as a separate tray made up of interior walls, floor and ceiling of the level immediately below. Each floor is then modeled as a separate group, which makes... Read more...

Autocad 2d offset

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Offset tool in Autocad’s 2D interface is a great way of creating wall thicknesses. We explain how in our Autocad training courses. First create a room or a series of rooms with the Polyline tool. Doing so will ensure that you can offset the whole object in one step. If you were to create the room using the Line... Read more...