Illustrator basics

by Design Workshop Sydney

Over the last 25 years Adobe Illustrator has become the industry leading program for creating vector graphics. The program has many applications, from creating artwork for print to web graphics. Although it can be complex and requires time to truly master, it’s quite easy to learn Illustrator basics and create professional looking artwork. Designing Illustrator artwork does not require any special artistic talent or skills. Our Illustrator course at Design Workshop Sydney will teach you how to use the program for the production of a wide range of graphical elements.
illustrator blog 002From designing and producing logos through to tracing complex images, we concentrate on essential drawing and production techniques. We cover a variety of powerful techniques aimed at both print and screen.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or are self-taught, our Illustrator Basics course will help you explore the main features of the program and unlock the secrets to using Illustrator in an efficient and creative manner. We’ll show you how to join the millions of graphic artists, print designers and visual communicators worldwide in creating stunning illustrations, posters and web banners.
In addition, we offer a special course geared towards using Illustrator in the fashion, textile and accessories industries. Make sure you ask about this when you book your course.
Our Illustrator courses are ideal for the beginner, providing easy and relevant introductions to using the software in the workplace. See many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page:
For discussions on the use of Illustrator in industry, look at the Australian Graphic Design Association.
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