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Autocad 3d polar array

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Array tools are well-known in Autocad’s 2d interface, but the same tools are available in the 3d workspace. Polar Array is one of the many 3d operations we look at in our Autocad 3d training courses. An example of 3d polar array would be in the creation of a flange in mechanical engineering, as shown here. First of all,... Read more...

Autocad 2d furniture

by Design Workshop Sydney

There are many ways of drawing furniture in Autocad, depending on which tools you use. We show you several methods of drawing and modifying objects in our Autocad 2D training courses. For example, to create the plan view of the serving counter shown here, you could use the Line tool (L) with Ortho (F8) selected, and simply draw the lines... Read more...

Autocad 3D array

by Design Workshop Sydney

Polysolids are similar to 2D Polylines in that they are made up of a combination of straight and curved segments. Any variety of objects can be created when combined with tools like the 3D Array tool. We show you how in our Autocad 3D training courses. The Polysolid command allows you to create a variety of shapes, like straight hollow... Read more...