Autocad 2d furniture

by Design Workshop Sydney

There are many ways of drawing furniture in Autocad, depending on which tools you use. We show you several methods of drawing and modifying objects in our Autocad 2D training courses.autocad-2D-furniture
For example, to create the plan view of the serving counter shown here, you could use the Line tool (L) with Ortho (F8) selected, and simply draw the lines that comprise the shape. However, another method would be to  create a Rectangle (REC) by specifying the two adjacent corner points, as follows: click anywhere to establish the first corner point. Then type in 3600 comma 3500, followed by hitting the Enter key.
Next we offset the rectangle by the width of the counter: select the Offset tool (O), then enter the offset value of 900mm, and click inside the shape. Next we need to explode the two rectangles in order to modify them. Select the Explode tool from the Modify tab on the top Ribbon, or type X and Enter. Select both rectangles and hit Enter again.
Then delete one of the inner vertical lines and shorten the outside vertical to complete one end of the counter. Use the Line tool (L) to complete the other end of the counter, as shown in the illustration above. Later we would add a hatch pattern to denote a material like timber or vinyl.
For the seating furniture on the right create two large concentric circles of 1500 and 900 radii. Then add a small circle intersecting one side with a radius of 400mm. Then select the Polar Array tool form the Array drop-down list. Select the small circle, whereupon the array settings will appear on the top Ribbon. Keep the number of units at the default value of six, and close the Array dialog by clicking the top right button.
Finally explode the circles in order to trim (TR) off the extra lines. Again we would add a hatch pattern to this object to denote a material. This is just one method of drawing the objects shown above.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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