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SketchUp banister

by Design Workshop Sydney

Once the stairs have been created in SketchUp, we may wish to add banisters and a handrail. This is an easy process using a component modification and the Follow Me tool. We show you how to utilize these functions in all our SketchUp training courses. First of all we would double-click to enter one of the stair components in order... Read more...

SketchUp furniture tutorial

by Design Workshop Sydney

After the SketchUp house model is complete we add several pieces of furniture to add a sense of human scale and realism. We talk you through the whole process in our SketchUp training courses. For example, to create the sofas pictured here we would first of all create a rectangle with the Rectangle tool, of dimensions say 1500mm by 650mm.... Read more...

SketchUp Follow Me tutorial

by Design Workshop Sydney

This SketchUp Follow Me tutorial will explain how the tool can be used in all sorts of different situations, like creating gutters for a building. We also explain how it’s done in our SketchUp training courses. Firstly make sure your building’s walls are grouped, otherwise the path for the gutters will stick to them. Next draw a set of lines... Read more...