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Indesign brochure layout

by Design Workshop Sydney

After the brochure template has been created, it’s a simple matter each month or so to create a new edition of the brochure based on this layout. We demonstrate these time-saving techniques, and more, in our Adobe Indesign courses. The template has been saved as an indt file (Indesign Template), so rather than choosing New from the File menu we... Read more...

Indesign auto page numbers

by Design Workshop Sydney

Another common addition to the Indesign template file would be Auto Page Numbers, a topic which we cover in full in our Adobe Indesign training courses. Firstly we open up our A-Master Page and zoom into the bottom left of the left hand page of the two-page spread. Next select the Type tool and click and drag to create a... Read more...

Indesign brochure setup

by Design Workshop Sydney

In our Indesign training courses we spend a lot of time showing you how to set up user-friendly templates to save time in setting up brochures. For example, go to File > Create New Document. Set the number of pages to 8 and tick Facing Pages. Then set the page size to A4 with an Orientation of Landscape and a... Read more...