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Addind doors and windows

Creating doors and windows in Revit

by Design Workshop Sydney

Once the walls have been created in your Revit model the next step is to add doors and windows. In this blog post we'll look at how to add Families for various building components like doors, windows, furniture and lighting.

SketchUp window component

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating SketchUp components for window frames is a great way of saving time when constructing your 3D model. We show you how to create and modify components in our SketchUp training courses. A Component is like a block in AutoCAD in that it can be edited and imported into future models. You can create your own components from scratch, or... Read more...

SketchUp windows

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating windows in SketchUp is an easy process, which we explain in full in our SketchUp training courses. First establish the height of the windows – these will vary and you could measure them off the elevation views. Then double-click to enter the Exterior walls group and change the style to X-Ray. There are several methods for drawing guides in... Read more...