Indesign getting started

by Design Workshop Sydney

Adobe Indesign is the world-leader in page layout programs, and whilst being extremely powerful, it’s also easy to use as well as being precise and compatible with other programs. If you’re a complete beginner or self-taught, we’ll help you to get started in our Indesign training courses.photoshop-getting-started
Significant features of Indesign include great handling of type and graphics, as well as drawing tools, transparency and efficient output to printers or PDFs. These may be for print media or for online/screen viewing. In recent releases of Indesign we now have the capability to create e-books as well as apps for Android and Apple.
In Indesign we can create posters, flyers, newsletters, CD covers and decal stickers, as well as web banners and interactive forms. We often use the program together with Photoshop and Illustrator, although it’s not essential to know the other programs to use Indesign. Photoshop’s great strength is in the ability to modify photographs, Illustrator’s strength is in diagram and illustration creation, whilst Indesign’s main capability is in putting various text and image assets together in multi-page layouts.
When working with Indesign users will often speed up their output by using keyboard shortcuts, and customizing their work-spaces by rearranging the panels and downloading plug-ins. It’s also good practice to create a batch of templates for various requirements. These can becreated from scratch, or downloaded from the internet. Alternatively, you could open up an existing document which has all the features you need, and save this as a new template file.  Common features of such a template would be automatic page numbering, headers, footers and sidebars; also your company’s logo and corporate colour swatches, and paragraph styles in keeping with your company’s branding style guidelines. We show you how to do all this in our training courses.
Many useful techniques and processes may be found in Indesign users forums and websites, as well as Adobe Users groups worldwide – most capital cities host such groups on a monthly basis, for example the Sydney Adobe Users group in Sydney’s CBD.
More tips and techniques can be found at There are many tutorials and forums for designers to discuss topics and the latest Indesign features. See also many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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