Photoshop actions

by Design Workshop Sydney

Photoshop actions are used for any repeatable task that can be easily automated, this saving you hours of tedious, labour-intensive work. In our Photoshop courses we look at some common uses for this handy function.
For example, you may have 200 photographs uploaded onto your computer from your camera. The images are too big and you want to resize them for sending to clients, or for uploading onto your website. This is the basic process. Open one of the images in Photoshop. Go to Window > Actions > New Action – a palette opens. Click the Record button – now we must be very careful since every step will be repeated in the recorded action.
Resize the image as usual. You can also add borders, watermarks, filters. And save to Desktop. Then hit the Stop button – the action is now saved with this computer and can be accessed every time you open Photoshop by going to File > Automate > Batch.
Further tips and techniques can be found at the Help & Learning section of  Adobe’s own website.
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