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SketchUp small house

by Design Workshop Sydney

SketchUp is the most user-friendly software for creating fast 3D mock-ups for architectural and interior design purposes. In this tutorial we look at the workflow for creating a small house or small room. We cover this, and many more techniques, in our SketchUp training courses. We would first choose the Architectural Design-Millimeters template and change the visual style to the... Read more...

Autocad 2D trim command

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Trim command in the Autocad 2D interface is a very useful function in the drafting process. We show you how this function operates in our Autocad 2D training courses. First of all we need to create some shapes: select the Rectangle tool from the top Ribbon (PC), or type REC into the bottom Command line. Autocad then asks you... Read more...

Autocad 2D drawing tutorial

by Design Workshop Sydney

Sometimes we need to make simple adjustments to drawings sent to us by clients or colleagues. In these cases we simply draw freehand. We cover this topic in several of our drawing tutorials in our Autocad 2D training courses. For example we can use the Line tool, the Circle tool, Polygon and Rectangle tools to draw freehand in order to... Read more...