Autocad 2D trim command

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Trim command in the Autocad 2D interface is a very useful function in the drafting process. We show you how this function operates in our Autocad 2D training courses.autocad-2d-trim-command
First of all we need to create some shapes: select the Rectangle tool from the top Ribbon (PC), or type REC into the bottom Command line. Autocad then asks you to specify two adjacent corners of a rectangle. You may punch in values for the width an height, or simply clickin two places on the screen if drawing freehand.
Next, selecting the Line tool, draw a centre line through the rectangle from mid-point to mid-point. Draw the circle with the Circle tool from the mid-point of this centre-line. You may press the Enter key to repeat the circle command and draw a circle with a smaller radius from the same mid-point.
Now we can use the Trim tool to trim off the extra line segments. There are a couple of different methods in using this tool, but the easiest is perhaps to select the Trim tool from the Modify tab, or type TR and Enter. Hit Enter again to Select All. Then we simply click on the line segments we wish to remove.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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