Autocad 2D blocks

by Design Workshop Sydney

Autocad 2D blocks are an automated feature of the program, used for any repeated elements like nuts, bolts, doors, windows, electrical components. And other drawings may use the same elements. To save time, the Autocad user creates these elements as blocks, and rather than draw them over and over again, simply inserts the block into the drawing. In our Autocad 2D courses we show you how to create, modify and insert blocks, using several real-world, practical examples.
autocad-2d-blocksYou can create your own blocks from scratch. There are also blocks which come with the program. Or you can download them from the Internet and you can modify them to suit your own purposes.
Once created a block may be inserted into a drawing many times, and each time it’s inserted a different point, scaling and rotation can be specified. A block is a collection of entities such as lines, circles, text, hatch, etc, which are associated together to form a single, complex entity.
Any part of a drawing can be made into a block and this will be saved within the drawing. Blocks can also be dismantled with the Explode tool to become objects made up of primitive elements again – in this way we can edit existing blocks. There is also a Block Editor function.
Blocks can be inserted into drawings in several ways, one of which is via the Autocad Design Centre; for more information have a look at the AutoDesk website.
And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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