AutoCAD 2D introduction

by Design Workshop Sydney

AutoDesk’s Autocad 2D software helps you create professional-standard technical drawings, as well as edit and annotate designs. Whether you are looking for an introduction to the program, or have been using it for a while, our courses have something to offer. In our Autocad courses we go through the standard workflow several times: drawing and annotation, scaling in paper space, and finally outputing as a DWG or PDF.AutoCAD-2D
In addition to drafting in 2D, you can create and modify 3D models, add texture materials and realistic lighting, including Sunlight modeling. Models can then be rendered as still images or as a short animated fly-through.

Among the industries using Autocad are Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Facilities Management, Geographical Information Systems, Multimedia, Surveying, Civil Engineering, and town-planning, as well as smaller industries like sign-writing and the garment industry. Recent releases have also added BIM (Building Information Modeling) functionality.

Autocad for 2D drafting helps you:

  • Increase productivity and accelerate the mechanics of drafting a design
  • Develop site plans, refine concepts, sketch technical drawings and share your ideas and design intent
  • Customize templates and drawings with accuracy and precision
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients using other compatible Autodesk software products

Whether you’re a complete beginner or are self-taught, our courses at Design Workshop Sydney cover the essential core topics for working with 2D drawings or 3D models. Starting with basics we work quickly up to intermediate level, developing to the more advanced features.
You will have explored the main features of the program and gained valuable skills in using Autocad in an efficient and creative manner. Our courses will also help you gain self-confidence in your workflow, as well as adding to your professional skill-set.
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