AutoCAD 2D Courses


Autocad 2D courses for beginners. Onsite training – we come to you!

Learn the essentials of Autocad 2D in one day. Tailored for your needs.

We are a NESA (NSW Educational Standards Authority) registered Professional Development provider.

Especially useful for Interior Designers, Builders & Architects.

NSW Education Standards Authority

In our AutoCAD 2D course we give you the skills you need to:

  • Draw Site plans for development applications
  • Create floor plans and elevations for a client
  • Draw up concept drawings for interior design
  • Produce drawings for manufacturing or civil engineering

Our courses are guaranteed to teach you the essentials fast!

Course Outline – what we cover in one day

  • First we explore the Autocad workspace, both PC and Mac versions
  • Next we use all the most-used Drawing Tools to create a floor plan
  • In the process we look at the most efficient Workflow
  • We then look at best methods for Modifying Drawings
  • As well as working with Layers for best practice
  • The next step is adding Dimensions to the drawing
  • As well as adding Text annotations
  • And adding Hatch patterns for materials or cross-sections
  • We also look at working with repeatable Blocks for faster drawing
  • And we project elevations and cross-sections
  • When the drawing is complete we create a working Template
  • And we go into Paper Space to Scale the drawing for Print or PDF