SketchUp Courses


SketchUp courses for beginners. We come to you! Learn SketchUp essentials in one day. Tailored for your needs.

Especially useful for Interior Designers, Builders & Architects.

Each of our courses has been certified by NESA (NSW Education Authority, formerly BOSTES).
NSW Education Standards Authority
In our SketchUp course we give you the skills you need to:

  • Produce realistic Interior Design mock-ups
  • Create 3D Architectural models
  • Build 3D Urban Planning & Landscape Design models
  • Export elevations & fly-through animations

Our courses are guaranteed to teach you the essentials fast!

Course Outline – what we cover in one day

SketchUp 3D model for Interior Design

SketchUp 3D model for Interior Design

SketchUp 3D model for Interior Design

  • We first look at the SketchUp workspace
  • Then create Objects of various shapes and sizes
  • The most Efficient Workflow is also explained
  • For interior design, architecture & urban planning we import CAD files
  • We then organize our Layers to maximize the workflow
  • Working with Scenes can also help us work fast
  • Components may be created or downloaded
  • We also look at Geo-locating the scene for Sydney, etc
  • This helps us to add realistic Shadows for any time in the year
    Podium SU render

    Podium SU render

  • We create Realistic Materials for extra aesthetic value
  • For presentation we may Animate the Scene & export movies
  • For site analysis we can create Terrain from contours
  • And there are various export Options available
  • We discuss the workflow for realistic rendering using Podium SU