Autocad 2D workspace

by Design Workshop Sydney

The main features of the Autocad 2D workspace are: its ability to draw and modify geometry accurately; the adding of precise dimensions and text; viewing the geometry at different scales; and organizing drawing information by using layers, line types and colours. The user can also set up a variety of layouts for printing, as well as create and impAutocad-2D-02ort symbols, or blocks, for multiple objects. These are just some of the functions we cover in our Autocad 2D course.

Other drawings can be referenced and there is easy collaboration with other Autocad users over the Internet. The last few versions of Autocad have allowed the user to create objects in 3D space and add realistic materials and lighting, as well as animate a camera around the scene. We will cover this side of Autocad in later blogs on the 3D workspace.

In a nutshell there are three main steps in creating a drawing in the Autocad 2D workspace: drawing the geometry, adding text and dimensions, and printing (known as “plotting” in AutoCAD terminology). Autocad is a procedural program, that is, commands must be entered in a logical, step-by-step sequence by following the prompts in the Command Window.

The Autocad 2D workspace changed dramatically with the 2009 release in an attempt to make it more familiar to Windows 7 users, but the functionality is much the same. There are six main elements to the 2D interface: the drawing window, pull-down menus, toolbars, the Command window, the Status Bar and the Palette windows.

And for Apple Macintosh users, Autocad for Mac was first released in 2010. Much of the functionality is identical to the Windows version, however even in 2014 the Mac interface is still the pre-2009 PC layout. More on this in later blogs on Autocad for Mac.

 Our Autocad courses are ideal for the beginner, providing affordable, easy and relevant introductions to using the software in the workplace.

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