AutoCAD 3D modeling

by Design Workshop Sydney

To understand Autocad 3D modeling it’s useful to know the difference between Autocad and other 3D modeling and animation programs such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc. Our Autocad 3D courses provide background information as well as real-world practical applications for the software.
There are many similarities between 3D programs but the main difference is in the purpose they’re designed for. CAD programs like Autocad are technical tools with applications in industrial design, engineering and architecture. The term CAD itself stands for either computer-aided AutoCAD-3Ddesign or computer-aided drafting, and focuses on technical design and drafting. This results in specific tool sets.
Many other 3D modeling and animation programs are designed to create a whole world from scratch, for example think of Pixar-type environments. And so their wide range of tools are devoted to the more artistic, aesthetic side of modeling and animation, from shape to texture to atmospheric effects. These programs are also designed to render multiple objects (characters, props, hair and fur, foliage, etc) interacting with their environments.
CAD programs instead focus on creating accurate technical models that would function the same whether in the real world or in a virtual environment. The tools focus more on scale, measurements, accuracy and precision.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or are self-taught, our Autocad courses at Design Workshop Sydney will help you explore the main features of the program and unlock the secrets to using Autocad 3D in an efficient and creative manner.
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