AutoCAD 3D introduction

by Design Workshop Sydney

Autocad is basically a drafting and modeling tool that enables us to communicate design concepts to others, and over the last 25 years has become the industry leader in 2D and 3D CAD design. In our introduction to Autocad 3D we recognize that today, almost all structures, built environments, machine tools and consumer products are created using computer-aided design (CAD) software, specifically those produced by AutoDesk. Our Autocad 3D courses are structured so that the skills learned can be applied to any industry.

Since 2007 Autocad’s 3D modeling capabilities have increased with each new release, including a full set of solid modeling and modifying tools, the Mental Ray rendering engine and mesh modeling. You can also create realistic materials and textures as well as real world lighting for Sun and shadow studies. And output as high-quality walk-through movies for the client.autocad 3D blog 001

Among the industries using Autocad 3D are Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Facilities Management, Geographical Information Systems, Multimedia, Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Town-planning. Recent releases have also added BIM (Building Information Modeling) functionality.

Created by AutoDesk Inc. in 1982 as an MS-DOS program, Autocad runs on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and remains the industry leader in Computer-Aided Drafting (or Design), despite the many competitors which have come and gone over the last 30 years. To keep up with the increasing complexity of the design and drafting processes, Autocad has grown more complex, especially in the area of 3D modeling, but the basic principles remain simple and logical.

Please note that Autocad LT (introduced in 1993) is a cut-down, cheaper version of the full program which does not include 3D and some other advanced features. Autocad LT is nevertheless a very powerful program, more than sufficient for 2D drafting. Autocad for Mac was first released in 2010; much of the functionality is identical to the Windows version, however even in 2014 the Mac interface is still the pre-2009 PC layout.

Our Autocad 3D courses are ideal for the beginner, providing easy and relevant introductions to using the software in the workplace.

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