Photoshop adding text

by Design Workshop Sydney

Adding text in Photoshop is easy and straight-forward. We explore all the ins and outs in our Adobe Photoshop courses.Print
First select the Type tool from your toolbox on the left of the Photoshop interface (shown here in zoomed in). Then click somewhere on your image; a flashing cursor will appear as well as a new blank layer in your Layers panel. Simply type in your text – don’t worry at this stage whether it’s the correct font, size or colour.
Note the various main options for text formatting up at the top Control panel – here you make changes for font, bold and italics, alignment within the text box and colour. Click on the white coloured box to open the Colour Picker. You can also changed the colour in the Swatches panel. When you are happy with the changes you’ve made, there are three ways of deselecting your text. First you can tick the tick icon at the top right of the Control panel. The second method is to click on the Move tool in the tool box. And the third method is to click once on the T icon of the type layer.
More options for formatting your text can be found by going to Window > Type > Character. Two new panels will open with options for both character and paragraph formatting. Make sure your text is highlighted before you make any changes. The easiest way to do this is to double-click the T icon of the type layer. You can also click and drag across the text but you run the danger of creating a new blank layer – just drag it to the Trash button at the bottom of the Layers panel if this happens, or right-click > Delete.
The text layer means that you can change the formatting at any time in the future. Incidentally, with the release of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) by subscription comes the opportunity to download any of 500 free fonts from Adobe Type Kit. This will ensure that everyone has access to the same fonts meaning no font mismatches or unavailable fonts in future!
Many more tips and techniques can be found at the Adobe website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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