Photoshop drop shadow

by Design Workshop Sydney

Objects and text created in Photoshop can be enhanced easily by adding drop shadows and similar layer effects. We demonstrate how in our Adobe Photoshop coursesphotoshop-drop-shadow
For example the image shown here was created using the Type tool and the Lasso tool. The text is created with the Type tool, then a Warp text option is chosen from the dialog box which opens when you hit the Warp text button on the top Control panel.
The blobby shape was created on a new layer with the Lasso tool and a Feather value of zero for a hard edge. We then go to Edit > Fill > With > Colour > and choose a colour from the Colour Picker. At the bottom of the Layers panel is a button with an FX symbol – this is used to Add a Layer Style. First choose the Drop Shadow effect and adjust the sliders for distance and depth. On the left hand of the panel is a list of further effects which can be added. Choose Bevel & Emboss to add a 3D effect. Again we can adjust the various properties like depth, angle of light source, etc. And on the blob we added a Stroke, toning down the effect using the Opacity slider. Hit OK to close the dialog & apply the effects.
Note the additional sublayers which appear below the layer. These can be edited by double-clicking on them to re-open the layer effects dialog. The effects cabn also be copied to the text layer by pressing down on Alt and clicking and dragging the effects to the text layer. Finally a colour was aded to the background layer to increase the contrast.
Many more tips and techniques can be found at the Adobe website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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