Photoshop glow effect

by Design Workshop Sydney

Adding a glow effect in Adobe Photoshop can add an extra dynamic element to your design, and is incredibly easy to do. We show you how in our Photoshop coursesphotoshop-glow-effect
In the image shown here, we first of all cut out the robot image using a variety of selection tools – see other blog posts for some useful selection techniques. We then copied and pasted the robot onto a new layer. In the background layer we Selected All and chose the Gradient tool. Set up blue and white colours, and choose the Radial gradient option, then click & drag across the page.
Now we are ready to add the Glow Effect to the robot – select its layer and note the FX button (Add a Layer Style) at the bottom of the Layers panel. Click this and choose Outer Glow from the pop-up list. The default glow colour is yellow – click the colour box to reset the colour to blue. Then adjust the Size and Opacity sliders – Spread is not so useful since it tends to compress the effect. You see the effect on the screen due to Preview being ticked – toggle this on and off to see the effect. Hit OK when you are happy. Note that this has added a new sub-layer – if you ever need to adjust the glow effect simply double-click on the sub-layer to reopen the Effects dialog box.
Many more tips and techniques can be found at the Adobe website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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