Photoshop layers

by Design Workshop Sydney

Working with layers is an essential part of the Photoshop workflow, giving you greater flexibility in how you handle different elements of your composition. We reveal all the industry secrets in our Photoshop coursesphotoshop-layers
In this example, firstly a new document is created with a certain width, height & resolution.
Then the image of the future bike is sourced, cut out and copied into the new document. Doing so places it on its own layer, meaning that it can easily be move or scaled within the picture frame. We can also adjust the colours or tones by adding an Adjustment layer. The fake reflection was created by duplicating the layer and adding a Layer Mask with a gradient blend. We then added the watery image as a new layer. A fourth layer has a circular shape added, with a colour sampled from the water layer. This adds some design consistency to the whole composition. A text layer is added next. And finally a flare brush shape was added to the last layer. We explore all of these techniques in our courses, as well as other blog posts.
By keeping layers separate, it’s possible to move or scale any element in the composition, giving you a great degree of flexibility in your design and modifications. The last step would be to save the file in whatever format is required – this will vary according to your printer or web designers.
Many more tips and techniques can be found at the Adobe website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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