Photoshop retouching

by Design Workshop Sydney

One of the main uses for Adobe Photoshop is in retouching images for commercial printing. We show you some useful and easy techniques in our Photoshop coursesphotoshop-retouching
In our example here we do several processes – first adjusting colours and tones, then removing blemishes and adding a necklace and the company logo.
Firstly, to adjust all the colours: go to the  Adjustments Layers panel > choose the Hue/Saturation adjustment > and adjust the Hue (+5, for example) & Saturation (-20) > toggle Preview on & off to see result > OK. To improve the tones go again to the Adjustments layers panel and choose Levels. Then move the black, white & midtone stops > OK.
To retouch blemishes on the image try the Patch tool > make sure Source is selected (top) > and circle around the blemish. Then click & drag from inside the selection to an area relatively blemish-free. To whiten the teeth: click on the teeth with the Magic Wand tool > press Shift to add to selection; and press Alt/Option to subtract from selection. Switch to the Lasso tool > again Shift to add > Alt/Option to subtract from selection. Then go to Adjustments panel > Hue/Saturation – desaturate the colour, then increase the Lightness > OK. To saturate the jewelry: use the Lasso tool > create a wide selection around the necklace. Go to: Adjustments > Hue/Saturation, and drag the Saturate slider upwards > OK.
Open a logo image > drag across into photo with Move tool. Use adjustments if necessary.
Finally we add a sparkle to the jewelry. Do a Google image search for “sparkle” > choose a black & white image > right-click > Save image. Open up Photoshop > then File > Open > and open the sparkle image – it needs to be black, so Image > Adjustments > Invert (if necessary). Then Edit > Define Brush Preset > name it: Sparkle. Next go to the Brush tool – see the drop-down list top left – the last one is your new brush. Make the foreground colour white > and brush size 100 px. Create a new layer > and click on image to place a sparkle. Edit > Transform > Scale – scale up or down, pressing Shift to keep proportionate. And finally make the layer opacity smaller: eg. 35%. You could also copy the layer > opacity 100 > scale & rotate the copy.
Many more tips and techniques can be found at the Adobe website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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