Photoshop web photo gallery

by Design Workshop Sydney

If you want to create a simple webpage without having to use HTML you can utilize Photoshop’s web photo gallery function. We demonstrate how in our Adobe Photoshop training courses.photoshop-web-photo-gallery
This web page will include  a home page, thumbnail images for each item which link to  other pages with full-size images, as well as various navigational buttons. In versions of Photoshop up to and including CS6 you would go to  the File drop-down menu and choose Automate, then Web Photo Gallery. This has changed in the CC (Creative Cloud) version.
Now we use Adobe Bridge’s Output panel. Bridge, of course, is not new to Adobe . It was first introduced about 10 years ago to the various programs offered in the Creative Suite package. It serves as a file navigator, as well as offering features for adding metadata and other automated functions.
To create the web gallery in Bridge we simply select the thumbnails of the images we wish to include – note that you can’t just select a folder. Then click on the Template menu on the top right of the interface. We then give the site a name, as well as contact details and copyright info.
Next we modify the appearance, applying various colours (depending on the template chosen), as well as image size, thumbnail size, slide duration and transition effect. Then click the Refresh Preview button to view the work so far. Bridge will save you time at this stage by only showing twenty of the chosen images.
When you are happy with the result you may then either save the file to your hard drive or to the host web server – most internet providers allow space for you to upload personal web pages – conditions can vary with each ISP.
Many more tips and techniques can be found at the Adobe website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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