Autocad 2D absolute coordinates

by Design Workshop Sydney

Drawing in Autocad 2D using Absolute Coordinates is used in some disciplines, for example Civil RLs which work on a coordinates system. These Relative Levels use a common marker like a Water Table or Sea Level. Absolute coordinates are also used by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Routers. Parts of an object would be designed on the computer using a CAD/CAM program, then cut out automatically using a router to produce the finished part. In our Autocad 2D training courses we show you how to draw using Absolute Coordinates.Autocad-2D-absolute-coordinates
For example, to create this LCD screen first set up your drawing limits of 4 by 3 meters. Keep in mind that each point we plot will be relative to the absolute Origin point (0,0). Select the Line tool (or type L and Enter). Then type 1100,550 for the first point. Note that in this case this is a fairly arbitrary point, simply to centre the finished drawing within the drawing space.
For the second point type 1420,550, hitting the Enter key after every command. Continue entering the following points: 1420,580 / 1300,620 / 1200,700 / 1180,750 / 1600,750 / 1600,1450 / 1100,1450, then Enter and Escape. This should have drawn one half of the screen. If you wish to check any of the entries press the F2 key (PC) to see the Command line history. Then select the Mirror tool (or type MI). Select all lines, then click the first and last points as the vertical mirror line. Erase source object? No.
For the screen itself type L for Line and enter the following points: 650,850 / 1550,850 / 1550,1400 / 650,1400. Then type C > Enter to close the shape.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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