Autocad 2d block creation

by Design Workshop Sydney

In the Autocad 2d interface blocks are used for any repeated elements like doors, windows, fasteners; basically any part of a drawing that you may want to repeat or import into future drawings. We explore the creation and modifying of blocks in our Autocad 2d training courses.autocad-2d-block-creation
Blocks are an automated part of the drawing process. Often drawings contain elements which are repeated. And multiple drawings may use the same elements. So, to save time, the Autocad user creates these elements as blocks, and rather than draw them repeatedly, creates them once and then simply inserts them into the drawing.
After a block has been created it can be imported into a drawing many times, each time specifying a different location, scale and rotation. A block is basically a collection of lines and circles which are associated together to form a single, complex entity. Any part of a drawing can be made into a block, and this will be saved within the drawing.
In addition blocks can be pulled apart using the Explode tool to become objects made up of primitive elements again; in this way we can edit blocks and resave them as variations.
When the block is first created, we ensure that it’s created on Layer 0. The block will then adopt the colour and linetype of the layer into which it’s inserted. We also create the block near the zero, zero point – this will ensure that it’s easily located when inserted into the new drawing.
Blocks can be downloaded from the internet – manufacturing companies often allow you to download their blocks for free. So we can either create our own blocks, or use existing blocks as a starting point for editing. We then would create a collection of our own blocks, for use in future drawings. Blocks can be inserted either through the Insert tab on the PC interface, or via the Autocad Design Centre. In the Macintosh interface blocks are inserted via the Insert drop-down menu.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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