Autocad 2D dynamic blocks

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating dynamic blocks in Autocad 2D is a great way of speeding up your workflow. We show you how in our Autocad 2D training courses.autocad-2d-dynamic-blocks
Dynamic blocks can be modified to show variations of the basic block, for example variable window sizes. These are created by adding various parameters and actions to the block.
A simple example of a dynamic block is a window with varying lengths built into it. Create a Rectangle with the dimensions of 1000 x 150mm as shown above. This will be the top view of the window frame. Then create a standard block from it, and name it Window 1000-2000. Test the block to ensure that it’s functional. After saving the Autocad file the block is stored within.
Next open the Block Editor from the top Ribbon or type bedit into the Command Line. By selecting the window block the Block Authoring palette will open. Note the Parameters and Actions panels on the palette. First choose Linear and type for value set into the Command Line. Next type I for Increment and type in a distance of 100. Specify also the minimum distance of 1000 and the maximum of 2000.  Specify the starting point by clicking on the bottom left of the window, and the end point at the bottom right. And click below the window whereupon a title tag Distance 1 appears. Now select the Parameter Distance 1 and right-click on it to choose Grip Display from the list. Finally type 1 for the right side (2 would be both sides).
Now select the Stretch tool from the Actions tab, click on the Distance 1 parameter and click on the blue arrow grip on the right. Define the stretch by clicking and dragging a crossing window over the right hand side of the block. Again drag a crossing selection around the right hand side of the window to select it, and hit Enter.
Next zoom out to see the ten vertical bars to the right which are the 100mm distances you specified previously. Also notice the Stretch icon on the bottom right of the block. Now close the Block Editor and Save.
Insert the block now and test the blue Grip icon, pulling it to the right to see the increments appear.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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