Autocad 2d floor plan

by Design Workshop Sydney

For over 30 years Autocad has been the industry-leader in drafting software, and is used by a range of industries, from engineering to architecture, town planning to interior design. It’s also used by house builders to draft 2d floor plans and construction elevations for council approval. We show you the whole drafting process in our Autocad 2d coursesautocad-2d-floor-plan
The first step is to open a template, some of which ship with the program; in Australia we would use a metric template. Drafters often create their own templates consisting of layers appropriate to their own context, together with line types and styles, and paper layouts with scaled viewports. We cover all of these areas in our classes.
The next step is to draw the floor plan using onsite sketches and measurements. A variety of tools are used to create and modify the drawings. Blocks could be inserted for repeatable items like doors and windows, furniture and fittings, foliage, etc.
Then we add dimensions. This is a fairly quick process if the drawing has been drawn correctly. And multi-leader annotations are added to highlight special features and materials. Tables can also be created or imported from Word or Excel.
All of the above takes place in Model space. The next step is to go into Autocad’s Paper layouts – you can have up to 100 layouts in one drawing, for example, and A4 sheet, an A3 sheet, an A2 sheet, etc. The viewport is like a window into Model space, and it’s this viewport that is scaled, for example 1:100, or 1:150. A title box with company logo & details can be added here.
The final step is to output the drawing as a PDF to send to the client or to council. This can also be previewed before saving. The advantage of sending a PDF is that the recipient doesn’t need Autocad to open the file; basically anyone with a computer can open and print a PDF. It is also difficult to alter. We cover the whole process of drafting floor plans  in all of our Autocad 2d courses.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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