Autocad 2d home design

by Design Workshop Sydney

Autocad 2d is used often by architects and builders to create plans for home design, for submission to council. This is one of the key areas we look at in our Autocad 2d courses. autocad-2d-home-design
The first step is to create a new drawing by opening a dwt template file. Autocad ships with a range of metric and imperial templates, and it’s common to modify one of these and save it as your own, with all your text and dimension styles, title blocks and sheet sizes set up. This means that you only need to draw your new content, scale it and output it as either a DWG, DXF or PDF, depending on the client.
Then various elevations are drawn in Model Space in real-size scale. Hatch patterns could also be added for materials or cross-sections. In addition blocks are created or inserted for doors and windows. Dimensions and text leaders would then be added.
The last step is to switch to Paper Space and scale the drawing inside the Viewport window. A title block is added or modified. And we can create various sheet sizes at this stage. Finally the drawing is outputted, as either a DWG for other Autocad users, a DXF for viewing in other programs, or as a PDF which anyone with a computer can view. Alternatively you could send the drawing to a printer or plotter.
More information on all features of Autocad can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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