Autocad 2d numbering

by Design Workshop Sydney

Numbering objects in Autocad 2d is a good way to categorize elements within a drawing. We do so using special multi-leaders, which are circled numbers with an arrow pointing out the feature. We show you how to create numbered multi-leaders in our Autocad 2d training courses.autocad-2d-numbering
Numbered multi-leaders are usually added within the Model Space, along with other annotation features such as dimensions and text.
First of all we select the Annotations tab (on the PC interface) and create a new multileader style by clicking on the small arrow on the bottom right corner of the Multileader tab. Macintosh users go to the Format menu at the top of the screen and choose Multileader Style. In both versions,  we could simply type mleader into the Command line on the bottom of the interface, and hitting the Enter or Return on the keyboard.
A dialog box then opens. In the example of a large drawing, we select the Leader Format tab to select an Arrowhead size of 9. The difference between a text multi-leader and a numbered multi-leader is that here we change MText at the top to Block. We then select one of the block options: circle, slot, etc. A small preview can be seen in the top right of the dialog box.
Then as usual go to the Leader Structure tab to choose a scale of 100. And in the Content tab punch in a text height of 9, for example. Then hit OK and Make Current.
Next we create a numbered multileader in the drawing by selecting the Multileader button. We then specify a point where the arrowhead will sit, then to choose a Leader landing  location. This is where the number will appear. We then add a number to the Tag and hit OK. The multileader appears on the drawing. We can move it around, copy or edit it. It can also be copied & pasted into other drawings to save time creating them from scratch. We can also write them into our template files.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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