Autocad 2d offset

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Offset tool in Autocad’s 2D interface is a great way of creating wall thicknesses. We explain how in our Autocad training courses.autocad-2d-offset
First create a room or a series of rooms with the Polyline tool. Doing so will ensure that you can offset the whole object in one step. If you were to create the room using the Line tool, you’d have to offset each line separately, then trim the extra overlapping ends, and possibly extend short lines. If you forget to use the Polyline tool, however, you can convert a series of lines into a single polyline via the Polyline Edit command, or by typing PE into the command line. You then choose one of the lines, convert it into a polyline, then select the Join option and select all the lines you wish to join together.
With our polyline object set up it’s now time to offset it. If this is to represent a wall thickness we select the Offset tool (or type O and Enter) into the command line. Autocad then asks you to specify the offset distance. If it’s for single brick, type 110mm; if it’s for double-brick type 270mm. You then select the walls object, whereupon Autocad asks you to specify which side you wish to offset to, inside or outside the shape. Click on one side, then hit the Escape button to close the command. Otherwise you could actually keep on offsetting to that distance multiple times.
In this way we can create wall thicknesses in an architectural floor plan in a few simple steps. More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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