Autocad 2d region

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating Regions in Autocad’s 2d workspace is a simple process and one of the many features we explore in our Autocad 2d classes. Regions are two-dimensional closed areas which can be combined from several different shapes. They are closed loops created from combinations of standard objects like lines, polylines, circles, arcs and splines.  autocad-2d-region

Regions can be used for applying hatching or shading or for analyzing properties like area, or extracting design information.

To define a region go to the Home tab > Draw > Region. Then select the required objects, each of which must be a closed area like a circle or polyline. Then hit Enter.

Alternatively, you can use Boolean operations like Union, Subtract or Intersect. Go to Home > Solid Editing > Union (or Subtract or Intersect) > and select the 2 areas to unite > finishing by hitting Enter.

To calculate the mass properties of 2d regions (or 3d solids) go to Tools tab > Inquiry > Mass properties (or type in massprop into the Command line).

You can also create a region or a polyline from an enclosed area (like site boundaries) by using the Boundary command: Home > Draw > Boundary > and click on the various points that make up the boundary.
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