Autocad 2d rotate

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Rotate command is used all the time when working with Autocad 2d drawings. We show you how in our Autocad 2d courses.autocad-2d-rotate
The easiest method is to simply select the Rotate tool, or type RO > Enter into the Command line. Then select your object > Enter. Next specify the angle of rotation – this is usually counter-clockwise from the East. If you have Dynamic Input activated you’ll see the angle interactively.
Alternatively, you may need to rotate the object to match the angle of an existing object, for example to rotate a desk to match the rotation of a wall. In this case we use the Reference option of the Rotate command.
Select the Rotate tool, or type RO > Enter in the Command line. Then select the object you wish to rotate. Then follow the prompts: first specify the base point of the object you want to reference to (eg. a corner of the wall). Then hit R > Enter for Reference.
The second and third points are on the edge you wish to rotate (eg. 2 points on the edge of the desk). And the last point is on the far corner of the wall.
The desk then rotates to match the angle of your reference object, the wall. Then move the desk into position with the Move tool.
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