Autocad 2d text

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating text in the Autocad 2d interface is an easy matter, which we explore in full in all our Autocad 2d training courses.autocad-2d-text
Text can either be created in Model Space or Paper Space, depending on the purpose of the text. If the text relates to the drawing itself, we tend to create it in Model Space. If the text relates to more general information, like copyright or title blocks, we would create it in Paper Space.
In the former example, go into the drawing’s Model Space. The text can either be created via the Home tab, or from the Annotations tab, if you are using the Windows version of Autocad. If you’re using the Macintosh version, go to the Draw drop-down menu and choose Text. In both cases select the Mtext option – this will create a multi-line text box, rather than the less useful Single Line text. Autocad then asks us to draw a text box by clicking and dragging across adjacent corners, usually top left to bottom right. The Text Editor then opens with a flashing cursor.
We now type in our text. Various options appear on the top Ribbon panel. Here we can change the font, the text height, and the justification, as well as special characters for degrees, etc. Note that the default text height is only 3mm, which is fine if we are working in paper Space, but not so good for Model Space, unless you’re drawing small machine parts.
In the case of larger text, like in an architectural space, we first highlight the text, then highlight the text height, and change it to 500mm, for example. Close Text Editor on the top right, and the text will appear in the Model Space. If you need to edit it again, simply double-click on the text to reopen the Text Editor.
The text object itself can be moved, scaled and rotated just like any other object. Note that Single Line text objects are harder to edit later, Multi-Line text is more versatile.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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