Autocad 3D curved surface

by Design Workshop Sydney

Creating curved surfaces in Autocad 3D is a simple process and leads us into the subject of  organic geometry. This is a topic which we cover more fully in our Autocad 3D training courses.autocad-3d-curved-walls
To create curved walls like those illustrated here first select the Circle tool, or press C and hit the Enter key. Create a circle on the X-Y ground plane, orbiting around to view it from an isometric angle. Next select the Line tool (L) and bisect circle with a line. Use the Trim tool to trim away half of the circle, thus creating a semi-circle. Delete the line.
Now we will use the Poly-solid tool to give the semi-circle depth and height, extruding it into 3D space.  Type H into the Command Line for Height and enter 3000, that is 3m high. Then type W for Width into the Command Line, and type 200. Type J for Justify and R to project the shape to the right-hand side. And to complete the command click on semi-circle The result should be a curved semi-circular wall 200mm thick and 3 meters high, as shown in the screen shot here.
Next we would apply a materials: go to the Materials tab on the top Ribbon panel, and click on the Material Mapping drop-down list. Since the walls are curved we wish to map the pattern or texture in a realistic fashion, therefore choose Cylindrical from the list. You may adjust the control  gizmo so that the mapping achieves the best fit for the semi-circular surfaces. Then apply a pattern or texture like this Islamic geometrical pattern.
Finally we would render the image via the Render icon on the Ribbon. And progressively add and adjust the lighting until we have the desired effect.
The 3d interface in Autocad is user-friendly and easy to learn, and we take time to teach a broad range of applications in our classes including modeling, materials, lighting and animation. See many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page. For more information there are lots of resources on the web, but try the Autodesk site to begin with: Support options and user forums are also available from the home page.
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