Autocad 3d extrude

by Design Workshop Sydney

Extruding objects in Autocad 3d is a simple procedure. You will first need to draw a 2d profile. This is a simple example of how we are continually switching from 2d to 3d in the modeling process. We look at all aspects of modeling in our Autocad 3d coursesautocad-3d-extrude
To extrude this V-stop for instance, first split the screen into two viewports: click on the View drop-down menu > Viewports > 2 Viewports > V for Vertical.
Then select the left-hand viewport and choose Top view > Visual Style > 3D Hidden.  Now select the right-hand viewport and choose SE Isometric view > Visual Style > Conceptual.
To draw the 2d profile select the Polyline tool (or type PL in the Command line) and draw one half of the V-Stop in the Top View, as above left. The base is 100mm across and 50mm upwards; the angles are 150 and 30 degrees. Note – If you use the Line tool, you’ll have to use Polyline Edit to convert these lines into a polyline: type PE > Enter > select one line > Enter > type J (for Join) > Enter > then select the others > Enter twice. Then Trim off any excess and use the Mirror tool to reflect the shape. And use PE to join the two halves. The 2d drawing is actually the trickiest part of the process.
It’s now a simple procedure to extrude the profile:  select the Extrude tool and follow the prompts in the Command line: select the profile shape and type in an extrusion value of 50mm upwards in the z-axis (screenshot above right). In this way any profile created using Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Spline or any combination of these, can be extruded in a straight line. If you need to extrude along a curved path, you need to use a different function: that of the Sweep tool – see another blog post on this subject.
The 3d interface in Autocad is user-friendly and easy to learn, and we take time to teach a broad range of applications in our classes including modeling, materials, lighting and animation. See many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page. For more information there are lots of resources on the web, but try the Autodesk site to begin with: Support options and user forums are also available from the home page.
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