AutoCAD 3D Courses


Autocad 3D courses for beginners. Onsite training – we come to you!NSW Education Standards Authority

Learn the essentials of each program in one day, tailored for your needs.

Each of our courses has been certified by NESA (NSW Education Authority, formerly BOSTES).

The full version of AutoCAD (which includes 3D functionality) is actually quite costly compared to AutoCAD LT (which is all you really need for 2D drafting). The 3D functions may be useful for mechanical engineers, but AutoDesk’s Revit is the preferred 3D program for architectural, interior design & construction industries.

Why? Described as a “4D” program, Revit also includes functions for scheduling & costing of materials. Revit also includes many built-in families of components for wall structures,  doors & windows, furniture, roofing, stairways, and much more. These are also designed to meet Australian Standards. You can also import families from 3rd party manufacturers’ websites.

Once the 3D model is built we can then easily generate fully-integrated floor-plans & elevations. Editing a model will then seamlessly update each drawing.

AutoCAD LT is still great for 2D drafting, but for 3D work AutoDesk’s Revit (or Inventor for product design) is the preferred option.

Alternatively, for fast design & client presentations SketchUp is easy to learn and very user-friendly. Many industries use SketchUp Pro – interior design, architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, product design – and you can export to a 3D printer from SketchUp.

Whichever program you choose, our courses are guaranteed to teach you the essentials fast!

AutoCAD 3D course outline – what we cover in one day

  • The 3D workspace
  • Creating 3D engineering models
  • Extruding, Revolving & Lofting from 2D profiles
  • Creating 3D Primitives
  • Boolean operations
  • Lighting the model
  • Applying materials
  • Rendering still images
  • Creating an animation