Autocad dimension continue

by Design Workshop Sydney

The Continue dimension command in Autocad 2D is a useful feature for adding multiple dimensions to a length of an object. We demonstrate how to do this in our Autocad 2D training courses.autocad-dimension-continue
After the drawing is complete we add dimensions. It’s a good idea to add one or two dimensions, then go into a Paper layout to check that the dimension scale looks correct. If not, we would type dimscale into the Command line, then change the scale factor from the default of 1 (which is fine for drawings of small machine parts) to something like 50 or 100 for a building drawing. A clue is what the general scale of the drawing should be. If it’s 1:100 then we could use a dimension scale factor of 100. If the overall drawing scale is 1:50 then a good dimension scale factor would be 50.
We then add some of the major Linear dimensioning, that is the horizontal and vertical measurements. After this we would add some of the smaller measurements. The Continuous dimensioning function will assist in this. To use the Continue feature we first need to add a Linear dimension. Then we click on the Continue icon button in the Dimensions tab. Autocad recognizes the existing Linear you just created, and continues measuring from that point. We then simply click and click along the length, marking off the minor measurements. And hit Enter to finish the function.
A variation of this is the Baseline measurement. This is stacked beside the Continue, and works in a similar fashion – an initial Linear measurement must be made first. Then the Baseline function will measure each minor length from the first point. In this way you could measure from sea level or a ground level, etc.
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