Autocad plot style

by Design Workshop Sydney

The traditional Autocad method of using Plot Styles to link layer colours to line weights and types is still quite a common practice. In our Autocad 2d courses we show you how to set up and load Plot Styles.autocad-2d-plot-styles
To create a plot Style from scratch, first go to the Output tab and select the Page Setup Manager. Then hit New > A3 (for example) and give it a name. Note the Plot Style table on the top right of the dialog box – the default of Acad.ctb is the basic coloured print option – coloured layers will print in those colours.
Hit the New button and the Edit button. Note that you should never edit the Acad.ctb file. Now select each colour you wish to change the setting of, for example Color 5 (blue) > Colour: Object Colour – change this to Select Colour. In Index – change to Grey 252 (dark) > Save and Close. Now on the top right you can choose your new style – this will be used for the A3 page set up.
Now go to Application > Print > Printer: Adobe PDF, or DWG to PDF > click Preview to check > OK.
How do you load plot styles? For example someone sends you a plot style and you save it to your desktop. To load it into Autocad: go to Application > Print > Manage Plot Styles – this will show you a list of ctb files. Now just drag and drop from your desktop into this folder. It’s now ready to use in your drawing.
You can also view the settings by right-clicking on the screen > Options (or type op into the Command line) > Plot and Publish tab.
More information on all features of the program can be found at the AutoDesk website. And see many examples of our clients’ work on our Facebook page.
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