SketchUp introduction

by Design Workshop Sydney

Any introduction to SketchUp recognizes  its use by various industries: architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, as well as in film and video game design. There are two versions available: the freeware SketchUp Make and a paid version SketchUp Pro. Our SketchUp courses are ideal for the beginner, providing an affordable, easy and relevant introduction to using the software in the workplace.
SketchUp was first created in 2000; it was then bought by Google in 2006 and later by Trimble, a mapping, surveying and navigation equipment company, in 2012.sketchup blog 001
The program is much more user-friendly than other 3D programs, and has an online library of free models of items such as furniture, building components like windows and doors, cars, foliage and people. As well as easy-to-use modeling functions, it has animation capabilities, material mapping, sunlight and shadow rendering, drawing layouts, and supports third-party plug-in programs for features like photo-realistic rendering, which are hosted on its Extension Warehouse site. SketchUp is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms; there is no essential difference between working in SketchUp on a PC and on Mac.
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