SketchUp blocks

by Design Workshop Sydney

Programs like Autocad use what they term Blocks for any repeatable items like doors, windows, nuts and bolts, trees, people. In SketchUp these are called Components. We utilize this handy feature in our SketchUp courses. sketchup-blocks
A standard component is very similar to a block in Autocad and is a great time-saving function of the program. Any geometry created in SketchUp can be used to create a component, and it’s used for any repeatable items like doors, windows, machine parts, or anything that you use on a regular basis and don’t want to recreate each time.
To create a component, start with some simple shapes, like a rectangle for a window frame. Then right-click > Make Component. Edit it further, then save the model. The component will be saved with the model. Go to Window drop-down menu and choose Components to open the Components panel.
You can also edit and import components  into future models. You can create them from scratch or download them from the SketchUp 3d warehouse. Then modify and resave if necessary. Modifying multiple instances of an object is also made easy by using components, like adding details to window frames, for example.
Bonus Packs of components can also be downloaded  for free from the Sketchup 3d Warehouse: items like trees and foliage, cars, furniture, people (both 2d and 3d), generic buildings and mechanical parts. And in addition, you can upload your own components to the Warehouse for others to use.

Many useful tips and techniques can be found at the SketchUp website. And see many examples of our own clients’ work on our Facebook page.

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